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     I. Potting Technology

        a. Overview of Potting
                 1. Planning Process for a Successful Design
                 2. Phase 1 - Part Design
                 3. Phase 2 Operating Parameters
                 4. Phase 3 Processing Parameters
                 5. Phase 4 Resin System Selection
                 6. Phase 5 Testing of Potted Unit
                 7. Phase 6 - Set-up
                 8. Phase 7 Plant Trial

        b. Resin Types
                 1. Epoxy
                 2. Polyurethane
                 3. Silicone
                 4. Others

        c, Selecting a Potting Compound
        d. Hardening Process
               1. Type of System
               2. Speed Of Hardening
               3. Exotherm
               4. Shrinkage
               5. Amine Blush

        e. Potting Hints
               1. Properties of that effect performance
                         A. Thermal Conductivity
                         B. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

                                         Temperature at Gel
                                         Operating Temperatures
                                         Flexibility of the potting compound
                                         Glass Transition Temperature

                2. Special Parts
                          A. PC boards
                          B. Stress Sensitive Parts
                          C. Radio Frequency Parts
                 3. Shortcuts
                          A. Potting Shells
                          B. Removal of Potting
                          C. Underwriters Laboratories
                 4.. Esthetics
                        A. Surface Appearance
                        B. Color

        f. Part Design for Potting
                1 Air Entrapment
                2. Reduction of shrinkage
                3. Use of Plastics in the Part
                4. Low Cost

        g. Meter-Mix-Dispense Equipment Technology
        h. Problem Solutions
        i. Potting Shells and Molds
        j. Cost Calculations
        k. Manufacturing Process of Potting

    II. Suppliers to the Potting Industry

        a. Potting Compounds
        b. Equipment for the Potting Industry 
        c. Accessories
                1. Potting Shells
                2. Cartridges
                3. Static Mix Nozzles
                4. Mold Release Agents
                5. Potting Dissolving Chemicals
                6. Plastic cups for ratio checks
                7. Solvents for clean up
                8. Mixers and Blades
                9. Mold Makers
               10.Protective Gloves & Glasses

        d. Adhesion Primers
        e. Contract Potting
        f. Contract Packaging
        g. Potting Consultants

    III. Reference Data

        a. Glossary of terms
        b. Conversion of temperature units
        c. Viscosity Interpretation
        d. Conversion of Hardness units
        e. Trademarks of Companies 

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