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Technology of Potting

This section deals with the different technologies involved in potting. For many people, potting of a unit is an necessity after the planning of a electronic unit.  This limits your selection of the potting compound and the process to produce the unit in a low cost, fast, and non-messy way.  Understanding the technology is the key to a successful project. 

If you are new to potting, we would suggest that you look at the "Overview of Potting" to give you the basics before getting into more detailed areas.

Part design page is for those who can design the part before having to pot the device.  Many people do not have this luxury.  The resin type page explains the types of potting resins available and their strengths and weaknesses so you can select the type to fit the requirements for your application.  The potting compounds page provide you the questions that a potting compound suppliers will ask you so that can make an intelligent suggestion of their potting compound to used. The page on the hardening process provides an understanding of the speed of hardening and how that effects the exotherm (heat given off from the chemical reaction) and shrinkage of the potting compound.  Potting hints page discusses the properties of the potting compound that affects the performance of the of the potted part and how to pot special parts.

The technology of the equipment used for potting parts is on the equipment  page.

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