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Potting Compounds offered by Potting Solutions

Potting Solutions sells the full line of  epoxy and polyurethane potting compounds from quality suppliers and would be happy to work with you on proper selection and processing to meet your requirements.  

Here are just a few of the potting compounds.  Click on them to view the Technical Bulletin.

    A. Epoxy Potting Compounds

        1. Low cost, room temperature hardening, medium viscosity
        2. UL recognized flame retardant, medium viscosity, room temperature   hardening.
        3. UL recognized insulation potting systems.  There are 8 systems so we have one that will fit your requirements.  Here is a low cost, low viscosity and popular one.
        4. Thermally conductive electrically insulating, room temperature hardening.
        5. High voltage application, clear unfilled for potting and over sand.

    B. Polyurethane Potting Compounds

        1. Low cost, flexible, medium viscosity room temperature hardening.
        2. Flame retardant, flexible, medium viscosity, room temperature hardening.
        3. Very low viscosity, unfilled, room temperature hardening, for potting over  sand.
        4. Flame retardant, flexible, low viscosity, unfilled, room temperature.

            Electronic Grade

        5. SMT Grade, low cost, flexible, medium viscosity, room temperature hardening.
        6. SMT Grade, flame retardant, flexible, thermally conductive, room temperature hardening.
        7. SMT Grade, unfilled. low viscosity, flexible, room temperature hardening.

Custom formulations are welcomed so if we do not have the product you require we could make one especially for your application.

Give us a call at 303-617-3094 or email us at pottingdoctor@pottingsolutions.com.

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