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Potting Consultants

Potting Consultants provides consultation to companies require assistance in solving potting problems or training for potting or encapsulating their devices. We have over 30 years of experience in potting industry which gives you a wealth of  hands-on experience to give the lowest cost potting system.  Potting Consultants is a part of Potting Solutions LLC.

Call us for a free 15 minute phone discussion of your application. 

Consultation can be done over the phone at a rate of $150.00 per hour and can be pay with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card without a contract.


For larger projects we can enter into a contract which defines the scope of the project and provides legal confidentially.

The services we provide include:

  1. On site consultations.
  2. Phone, E-mail and fax consultations.
  3. Retainer programs for on-line and phone consultations by the 1/4 hour.
  4. On site training programs.

Areas of expertise

  • Potting compound selection guidance for lowest cost material.
  • Part Design assistance for reduced potting compound usage and fastest potting process
  • Equipment selection guidance for optimized speed and less maintenance.
  • Problem solving assistance to lower reject rates
  • Manufacturing process design for high speed and lowest cost.
  • Training in all aspects of potting.
  • Start-up assistance to bring production up quickly.
  • Unbiased analysis of suppliers disagreements


Jim Hallstrom has worked in the potting industry since 1971 as a formulating chemist, technical salesman, technical director, sales manager and business manager.  He brings a practical overview of the  potting process and selection and use of potting compounds to give a low cost solutions.  Large medium and small companies have benefited from his extensive  hands-on experience.  The Chemical Engineering degree provides the knowledge to recommend the ideal manufacturing process to match with the potting compound that meets the technical requirements of the device being potted.  This combination provides a fast, easy and cost effect system to produce the potted device.  The knowledge of potting compounds and their strengths and weaknesses allows him to make suggestions for design of the part to be potted and how to pot it.  He is the potting doctor.

Companies that have use Potting Consultants

Woodward Governor, Inc
Empire Electronics, Inc
psilo Quest, Inc.
Keihin Carolina Systems Technology, Inc.
BondPro, Inc.
and many others

Contact me at 303-617-3094 or Fax: 1-866-253-1155 or 

email: pottingdoctor@comcast.net

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