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Contract Package Companies

There are times when you would like to have the potting compound pre-packaged in the correct ratio so all the operator needs to do is to dispense from a cartridge or a pouch. This can be done by companies who specialize in packaging theirs or other manufactures potting compounds.

There are four options available for pre-packaged potting compounds and some suppliers.

1. Available are side-by-side cartridges which use a special caulking type gun to push the potting compound out of the two cartridges in the correct ratio and through a static mixer so it can be dispensed directly in to the part.  The limitation is that the volumetric ratio must be 1 to1, 2 to 1, 4 to 1, 10 to 1.  Any other ratio is not yet available.

2, The second option works for any ratio.  This package  comes in a plastic divided bag which the resin and hardener are in proper ratio.  When the divider is removed then the resin and hardener can be mixed by kneading. Then the bag is cut open and the mix resin system poured in to the part..

3. Another option is the "Semkit" which is a cartridge which is divided and resin and hardener put in opposite sides or inside the plunger.  The divider is removed or the material inside the plunger rod is expelled and mixed.  Then is pushed out with the plunger in to the part.

4. The last option is pre-mixed and frozen.  In this case the resin and hardener are mixed in ratio and then frozen in liquid Nitrogen.  When you use the material it must be thawed and then immediately poured in to the part before it hardens.

These options are in order of least expensive to the most expensive, but the volume of the pieces greatly affects the price.

Here are some of the companies that provide contract packaging:

1.  Adhesive Packaging Specialties Inc. 103 Foster Street, Peabody, MA 01960 phone: 978-531-3300 fax: 978-532-8901

2.  Profill Corporation, 8400 Port Jackson Ave. NW North Canton, OH 44720 phone: 330-966-3001 Fax: 330-966-3003

3.  Technical Resins, Inc. 8901 Wyoming Ave. N., Brooklyn Center, NM 55445 phone: 763-424-7959 fax: 763-425-3793


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