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We are a resource for potting and encapsulating electronic and electrical devices with epoxy potting compounds, polyurethane potting compounds and other types of potting compounds. You will find solutions to your questions about potting, a discussion of potting and encapsulating technology; part design for  with epoxy and polyurethane, some potting compounds, equipment and  accessories used in the potting and encapsulation process.  There is a special reference to potting of electronics, especially surface mount electronics. References are also included to assist you.

We suggest you start by clicking the Website Contents button above to see the all subjects or click  Overview of Potting for a primer on potting and encapsulation.  If you would like to view immediately some potting compounds click here.  The hyperlinks to the left are major topics.

Our Mission

To provide education to engineers, plant managers and purchasing professionals on how to use potting and encapsulation materials effectively for a low cost and low reject and return rate of the finished parts.  If you need assistance I am available.    Jim Hallstrom

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